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Mayra Orchestra is a new cinematic pop orchestra led by singer/songwriter Maartje Dekker from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Fusing diverse musical genres such as classical, pop, world music and theatre, Mayra Orchestra takes the listener on a colorful journey full of imagination. Sometimes small and delicate, sometimes grande and epic, Mayra Orchestra takes you to a dreamworld where nothing is what it seems. An eclectic mix of theatre, rock instruments, classical strings, brass and polyphonic singing forms a dynamic and atmospheric show.

Year Of Release: 2017


01. Dawn
02. Home Is Where The Heart Is
03. A New Skin
04. Face In The Water
05. Into Your Heart
06. Edge Of The World
07. Run
08. Rulers
09. The Other Side
10. Snow
11. Stormhorses
12. Silver Paradise
13. Everything In Its Place

4 stars

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