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The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Mary Lambert has embarked on a new adventure with her upcoming independently released album ‘Bold,’ a feel good “queer pop” album. ‘Bold’ highlights Lambert’s poetic and playful side. Three of the seven track are written and produced by Lambert herself.

Before the success of ‘Same Love,’ co-written with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Lambert was winning awards in the slam poetry community. Mixing her poetry with music, she has created a safe place for her and her fans. Growing up in an abusive household pushed Lambert into using writing as an outlet. Coming from a slam background, Lambert’s music is raw, the lyrics she contributed to ‘Same Love’ are very personal and explain what it feels like to be gay and a Christian.

To fund her new album, a Kickstarter campaign was started. In only 8 hours it raised over $68K, fully funding the project. This wasn’t the first Kickstarter success for Lambert. In 2012, she used Kickstarter to create her debut album, Letters Don’t Talk.

Inspirer spoke with Lambert about using writing to cope with tough situations, her background in slam poetry, and her new album ‘Bold.’


1. Do Anything
2. Lay Your Head Down
3. Hang Out With You
4. Know Your Name
5. I’d Be Your Wife
6. Love is Love (ft. Mary Kay Lambert) (MY EFFING MOM)
7. Know Your Name (The Reverb Junkie Remix)

4 stars

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