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Lydia Ainsworth release Darling Of The Afterglow, the followup to her 2014 debut album Right From Real.

Stitched together from two EPs, Right From Real showcased Ainsworth’s eerie electronic productions and ornate string arrangements paired with lyrics drawn from mysticism and gothic imagery. Darling Of The Afterglow is an album that began far away from home, she explains, but wasn’t fully realized until back in Toronto.

“I usually have to be out of my element to get that spark of inspiration,” she says in a statement on the album.


01. ‘The Road’
02. ‘What Is It?’
03. ‘Ricochet’
04. ‘Afterglow’
05. ‘Open Doors’
06. ‘Spinning’
07. ‘Into The Blue’
08. ‘Wicked Game’
09. ‘I Can Feel It All’
10. ‘WLCM’
11. ‘Nighttime Watching’

3½ stars

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