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Jane Zhang gathers her hit movie and television theme songs into the first compilation album of her 11-year career, Starring Jane. The collection includes the title theme of the film You Are My Sunshine, “Wordless Stone Tablet” and “Dare to be the World’s First” from The Empress of China, Let’s Get Married theme song “Finally Waited for You” and Meet Miss Anxiety theme song “The Usual Place.”

Release Date : 2016.12.30


01. You Are My Sunshine
02. 轉眼一生轉身一世
03. 無字碑
04. 敢為天下先
05. 老地方
06. 破曉以後
07. Be Here
08. 終於等到你
09. 陪你走到底
10. 這麼近那麼遠
11. 真愛的味道
12. 木蘭星

4½ stars

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