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On October 1, 2016 Ani Lorak released her 15th studio album “Разве Ты Любил… ” The singer introduced a completely new album, on which she have worked for several years. All songs of the album are part of one big theme of love, which is so close and familiar to everyone. As the singer says “Love and pain, joy and sadness always go together. Better to felt unrequited love than no have love at all. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world”. Love is around us, in every word and in every song, so this album will be a nice gift for the real music lovers.

We open the veil of women and men relations, with all their feelings and emotions listening the album. Herefrom, the album content is. All about love, but songs are not similar to each other. There are 20 tracks in the album. Some of them are already well-known.

In songs Ani Lorak tells about the long-known truth: “In fact, there is no one who would really love and not suffer pain. Do not suffer the only one who has never loved”.

The album “Разве Ты Любил…” opens for fans songs, which were written by people with beautiful, loving hearts. The album consist of composition, where love – it is not just love, but a way of interacting with the world, requiring kindness, wisdom, patience and willingness to be open.


 01. Удержи мое сердце
02. Ты еще любишь
03. Уходи по-английски (feat. Григорий Лепс)
04. Греши и кайся
05. Без тебя
06. Люблю тебя
07. Корабли
08. Любовь
09. Все отдам
10. Твоя
11. Просто скажи
12. Забирай рай
13. Разве ты любил
14. Зеркала (feat. Григорий Лепс)
15. Осенняя любовь
16. Я буду счастливой
17. Я и ты
18. Пополам
19. Медленно
20. Уходи по-английски (Бонус-трек)

5 stars

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