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In celebration of the 15th Anniversary, S.H.E will be releasing a brand new EP titled, “Always Here”, alongside with a special exhibition in Taipei. The EP, which contains a new single of the same title, “Always Here”, will also include the girls’ new rendition of their first album’s solo titles. On re-recording the songs, Selina highlighted that her key has not changed since her debut, while Hebe reminisced about the fact that the original version recorded 15 years ago represented the naive, innocent and simple her, which is a vast difference from the current recorded version that exudes much fluidity in the singing, citing experience and time has contributed the changes. Ella recounted that they used to take at least one to two weeks per song for the recording, whilst they only do one to two days of recording now, jokingly suggesting that apart from having improved in techniques and skills, it might be due to the producers being afraid of requesting them to do more since they are more seasoned now.


Looking back on their journey, S.H.E shared that despite encountering many challenges and unavoidably having changed in the process, they still retain their real self right from the start – that for one has never changed. They are grateful for the fans who have accompanied them throughout this time, staying by their side and supporting them through every stage. And so, S.H.E hopes that through the exhibition, “Reunion one in one”, fans can recollect their memories of the moments shared with S.H.E as well as their individual precious moments. In preparation of the exhibition, the girls went through their individual collections to sieve out specific items representative of a special memory, to which Selina even brought an entire luggage of it to the company. At the exhibition, visitors can rent the audio guide, voiced by S.H.E, to reveal more stories behind each item showcased and understand both the rough and easy times the girls went through in the past 15 years. S.H.E’s real-life figurines by Madame Tussauds  will also be specially brought in from Shanghai for the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from 26th August to 19th September, at Taipei’s Songshan Creative Cultural Park – Warehouse Number 3. The EP will be released in the same time period, with the single, “Always Here”, due to air on 10th August.



01. 永遠都在
02. 忘記把你忘記 / 任家萱
03. Too Much / 田馥甄
04. 別 / 陳嘉樺
05. 殊途 (Bonus Track)(電視劇「仙劍雲之凡」片尾曲

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