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 Lauren Aquilina has slowly been making a name for herself since independently crafting and releasing her self-written EP trilogy, encompassing Fools, Sinners and Liars, shortly after which she was signed to Island Records to begin work on a debut album. Since the final trilogy instalment, Liars, in March of 2014, new music has slowly been drip fed, including the Ocean EP, teasing the upcoming album, and a prestigious slot advertising Downtown Abbey’s final season advert with a stunning rendition of Time To Say Goodbye. The time now has finally arrived for Aquilina to release her debut collection, Isn’t It Strange?.

Best described as indie pop, Aquilina’s ‘Isn’t It Strange?’ is pristine pop crafted to the highest degree, with heartbreakingly honest lyrics, rising and inspiring atmospheres and a beautiful voice that is never complicated by excessive production or effects. Despite the emotion behind the lyrics, each of the ten songs that comprise her first studio album feels unique and identifiable, standing out instead of merging into the next, whilst still managing to fit together in the cohesive collection.


1. Midnight Mouths
2. Wicked Game
3. Kicks
4. How Would You Like It?
5. Way Too Good
6. Hurt Any Less
7. Fools (Live at RAK Studios)
8. Suddenly Strangers
9. Thinking About
10. Ocean

4 stars

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