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Encore un soir (meaning One More Night) is a French-language studio album by Canadian singer Celine Dion, released by Columbia Records on 26 August 2016. It is her first French studio album since 2012’s Sans attendre. Encore un soir features fifteen songs produced mainly by Humberto Gatica and Scott Price. The first single from the album, also titled “Encore un soir” was released on 24 May 2016 and topped the charts in France, Quebec and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Encore un soir is Dion’s first French album since 2005’s On ne change pas released in the United States.


01. Plus qu’ailleurs
02. L’etoile
03. Ma faille
04. Encore un soir
05. Je nous veux
06. Les yeux au ciel
07. Si c’etait a refaire
08. Ordinaire
09. Tu sauras
10. Toutes ces choses
11. Le bonheur en face
12. A la plus haute branche
13. A vous
14. Ma force
15. Trois heures vingt (Remastered)

5 stars

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