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DIA has undergone several lineup changes since the departure of group leader Cho Seung Hee and the temporary withdrawal of Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy) and Jung Chae Yeon, who joined Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 in early 2016. Returning as a seven-member group with new member Eun Chae and returning members Hee Hyun and Chae Yeon, DIA showcases their incredible talents again in the second mini-album Happy Ending. The title number “On That Street” is a piano and guitar-driven dance song composed by the hitmaking team Lee Ki Yong Bae, which created all of GFriend’s popular songs including Rough. The seven-track album also contains Ye Bin’s “Wait for You” and Eun Chae’s “I Will Remember.”

Release Date: 2016.06.14


01. Happy Ending
02. 그 길에서 (On The Road)
03. 연습생
04. 널 기다려 (예빈)
05. 기억할게요 (은채)
06. 널 기다려 (DIA)
07. 그 길에서 (Inst.)

3 stars

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