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DREI is Emika’s fourth solo album, and the second in 2015—late January saw her release Klavirni, a full-length focused on works for piano. Like that one, DREI will be released on her own Emika Records imprint, the exclusive home for her music these days. (She was previously a fixture on Ninja Tune, which put out her self-titled debut LP in 2011 and second effort, DVA, in 2013.) It signals a return to the eclectic, vocal-laden electronic style that’s become her calling card.

The album was written over the course of two weeks, and produced and mixed entirely by Emika herself. She describes it this way: “DREI is ultimately about freedom. Coping with freedom. Limitations versus freedom. The shock of a miracle. The madness of being alone. Ambitions and insecurities. The perils of a limitless creative mind. And without a doubt, my desire to produce fat hard beats without needing anyone—complete with a fresh sound.”

Emika Records was release DREI on May 4th, 2015.


01. Battles
02. My Heart Bleeds Melody
03. Miracles Prelude
04. Miracles
05. What’s The Cure
06. Without Expression
07. Rache (Revenge)
08. Serious Trouble
09. Destiny Killer

3½ stars

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