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Eleven is the eleventh studio album (9 in English, 2 in French) released by Australian singer and songwriter Tina Arena. The album was released in Australia on 30 October 2015.The first single, “I Want to Love You” was released on 4 September 2015. Arena described Eleven as a “personal album” that was “joyous to make”.

Arena has co-written tracks on the album with a number of people including Jon Hume, Hayley Warner and Tania Doko. On the song “Unravel Me” Arena tackles confusion and fear about the state of the world in general and social media in particular. She says “I’m quite bewildered by how much the human being has changed. How disconnected and isolated we’ve become. It saddens me. Part of the light in human beings has gone.”

The title refers to the total number of studio albums Arena has released in her career spanning 40 years. The tally includes her first studio album with John Bowles, 1977’s Tiny Tina and Little John to 2013’s Reset and her two in French.


 01. Unravel Me
02. Overload
03. I Want to Love You
04. Colours
05. Not Still in Love With You
06. When You’re Ready
07. Wouldn’t Be Love If It Didn’t
08. Magic
09. Lie in It
10. Karma
11. Love Falls
12. Heaven (Bonus Track)
13. No Filter (Bonus Track)
14. Walk With You (Bonus Track)

4 stars