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At the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival Kovacs announced her debut album. The album is called Shades of Black. It goes well with Kovacs, in 2014 she was named Serious Talent 3FM and Radio 6 Soul & Jazz talent. Her first single My Love was immediately Megahit 3FM and she won the award for Radio 6 Soul & Jazz talent. Recently appointed to the Volkskrant her music talent 3voor12 2015 and gave her a place in their list of 12 promising talents homegrown. For her debut work from the Eindhoven coming singer with producer Oscar Holleman (eg Within Temptation and Krezip). Kovacs knew Holleman to win.

Under the bonnet a singer who can sing on the album songs of darkness, which can however reveal. Enchantingly light and is indeed the coloring of the music either, it’s the magic of her voice and the music that touches you, no matter how dark, you feel the sense of life. Her first EP is released form a pace at the North Sea Jazz and Bospop, how to better to describe this album other than perhaps anything positive, is right on the head? Let her music win you over, listen and listen well so you can come to your senses again. Whether or not appropriate, restraint leading to an already enthusiastic response to her voice, her music, her sound, the experience takes her off with more candor? Charisma is what breathes from her music and how she sounds, her lyrics are beautifully put on display, this was an accomplishment in her music and in her life, she smiles now. “You might have very different ideas, enjoy my ears when I again time to _Shades Or Black.” Kovacs donates as a reply as feelings about the success. “Can I say it? Hey, what a top plate, man.”

Release date: 04/24/2015
01. 50 Shades of Black
02. My Love
03. The Devil You Know
04. Night of the Nights
05. Wolf in Cheap Clothes
06. Shirley (Sound of the Underground)
07. He Talks That Shit
08. Diggin’
09. Fool Like You
10. When the Lady’s Hurt
11. Whiskey and Fun
12. Song for Joel
4 stars