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Tabi*note is the fourth album released by Makino Yui, and her first under IMPERIAL RECORDS. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition.

Released Date: 2015.10.07


1.World Tour (ワールドツアー)

2.Hoshi ni Negau Nara (星に願うなら; If You Wish Upon a Star)

3.Sasayaki wa “Crescendo” (囁きは“Crescendo”; Whisper is a “Crescendo”)

4.Pastel Town

5.88byou Flight ~Album Mix~ (88秒フライト; 88 Seconds Flight)

6.Tatta Hitotsu ~Album Mix~ (たったひとつ; Only One)

7.Almeria (アルメリア)

8.Goodbye My Friend (グッバイ・マイ・フレンド)

9.Hachigatsu no Sora (ハチガツノソラ; August Sky)

10.secret melody

11.Taiyou wo Megutte (太陽を巡って; Revolve Around the Sun)

12.Kimi no Erabu Michi (きみの選ぶみち; The Road You Choose)

13.Mawaru Mawaru (まわる まわる; Around and Around)

3½ stars