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Woollim’s rookie girl group Lovelyz is back with a new mini-album, and as the title says, the girls are returning as eight. Member Ji Soo rejoins the group for Lovelyz8, which features the title song Ah-Choo and the sweet pre-release single “Shooting Star.” Other new tracks include “How To Become a Pretty Woman” by Humming Urban Stereo, Hug Me by the writer of Infinite’s Tic Toc and the intro Welcome to the Lovelyz8 by Coach & Sendo.

Release Date: 2015.10.01


01. Welcome to the Lovelyz8
02. Ah-Choo
03. 작별하나
04. Hug Me
05. 쁜 여자가 되는 법
06. 새콤달콤
07. 라푼젤

2½ stars