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Mami Kawada (川田まみ) release a new album PARABLEPSIA. Her 5th original album includes two previously released singles plus new songs for 13 total tracks. Album PARABLEPSIA comes on one-CD only edition hitting stores September 16th 2015.

Not included on her new album is just released single Gardens (August 5th 2015). Her 15th single has tie-up as ending theme for anime To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness 2nd.

For new new album Mami Kawada writes the lyrics for all songs and collaborates with the producer/composers from I’VE Takase Kazuya and Nakazawa Tomoyuki on most tracks.


01. Parablepsia
02. Borderland
03. I…civilization
04. fly blind
05. Eager Eyes
06. PIST
07. Enchantress
08. here.
09. HOWL
10. Replica_nt
11. It’s no big deal
12. Break a spell
13. Dendritic Quartz

4 stars