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Once again, maestro Safina delivers another work of art. His dedication to delivering a cd full of quality songs, rather than push for a marketed product full of filler and fluff, is well appreciated by anyone who has a discerning ear for music. The dark textures of “Parla Piu Piano” and “Arrivederci America” are nothing short of intense. Maestro Safina displays his vocal viruosity with “Notre Dame de Paris le temps des cathedrals”. Favorites “Sarai Qui” and a remastered version of “Luna” are welcomed and appropriate additions. “Vincero” is somewhat of an uptempo departure, and a very welcome one. I’m struggling with picking one favorite song…”An American Hymn” is stunning and one of my tops. “Ah l’muri” is…perfection. This cd was worth the wait…needn’t wait any longer…Enjoy!

Released: Jul 22, 2014


01. Parla più piano
02. Ah l’amuri
03. Vincerò
04. Le temps des cathédrales
05. Notte ladra
06. La nave va
07. Va core
08. Sarai qui ( ft. Sarah Brightman )
09. An American Hymn
10. Arrivederci America
11. Da Troppo Tempo & Tek Başına
( ft. Meyra – Enbe Orkestrası )

4 stars