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Mitra Kaislaranta or just Mitra is a Finnish singer who rose to fame after participating and winning the Finnish Pop Idol show back in 2013. As a prize she received a recording contract with Warner Music Finland and few days ago was released the very first album – Mitra. Album includes the singles that have been successful in Finnish charts, but this album has much more to offer, so make sure you give it a listen while reading.

The debut album has ten tracks in total and all of them are being sang in Finnish. The first track Ota Minut (Take Me) starts with a calm melody where the background vocals join in smootly. Refrain is more powerful and harsh. That atmosphere continues till the end of the song. Kukka Kaipaa Valoa (Flower Longs For Light) is one of the hits you could find from the album. It has been very popular track in Finland and with a reason. This song is about a girl who wants to be caressed by her boyfriend. If only she could say it to him… Mun täytyy saada kuulla aina välillä sulta että mä oon kaunis, kiehtova ja ihana…(…I have to hear sometimes from you that i’m beautiful, fascinating and lovely…) This is a lovely ballad that puts you easily to sway along with the slow rhythm. It is being followed by another single – Jotain pysyvää (Something Permanent) which is a perfect song for the radios as it has very gripping tune with tempo changes throughout the track. There has been included also the xylophone what is not usual in pop tracks giving the Summer vibes right away.  The most surprising and outstanding song on the album is definitely Varaton (Penurious). It is a ballad with ear-catching guitar solos and dark, sad melody. You don’t have to understand the Finnish to feel the emotion from Mitra’s voice. Watch out for the violins in the end! To continue with more positive sounds you could find in the end of the album the first single that Mitra released right after winning the Idol show. Äkkisyvää (Deep in Sudden) is a midtempo pop song with strong melody and lyrics. The song is about the person who is struggling inside, but not showing any weakness signs outside.  Album is being finished with relaxing track Rakkauden hyvät ja huonot puolet (The Pros and Cons of Love). It has a soft and romantic sound which would be suitable for cosy restaurant evenings. Very beautiful ending to the debut album.

To conclude, the self-titled album includes variation of tracks which may appeal to wider audience. Everyone could find a song for themself, whether it’s an uptempo pop track or calm ballad. It was definitely a good decision to record the album in Finnish because it suits perfectly to these tracks. I believe the Finnish and also the foreign listeners will appreciate the album and make sure that it would conquer top placements in the music charts.


1.Ota minut


3.Kukka kaipaa valoa

4.Jotain pysyvää



7.Myrskyn silmään


9.Se ei tuu toteutumaan

10.Rakkauden hyvät ja huonot puolet

3½ stars