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A Classical is the second classical album and 25th remix album overall by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on January 8, 2013. It is the third release of the special 5 consecutive months releases event to commemorate her 15th anniversary. The album debuted at #1 on the Oricon Charts and has sold 33,017 copies to date.

In November 2012, the members of Hamasaki Ayumi’s official fanclub, TeamAyu, were asked to choose their favorite songs from any release (including singles, digital singles, albums, mini albums, remix albums and best albums). It was later announced that the chosen tracks would be remixed in A Classical. All the songs was recorded live and the cover was desing by Mr Uki.


1. M
2. Love song
4. You & Me
6. Days
7. Voyage
8. Song 4 u
9. Missing
10. Dearest

5 stars

In the end, this A Classical is really worth it and I would definitely give it a try if I were you. Classical music is not my favorite genre, on the contrary even, but Ayu makes it more accessible for people like me who are more used to her usual sound (and pop music in general). The songs are very popular, you probably know them all, so the recognition of those songs and the realisation of the things that have changed in the arrangements is an experience on its own.